So what if professional athletes could smoke and enjoy marijuana wherever and whenever they pleased?

This means before games, during games, after games, and the off season when half of them are getting DUI’s and getting in fights from over drinking alcohol.

Most people, well the closed minded people, who don’t understand marijuana probably think marijuana makes you dumb and would have a negative affect on athletes.

There is so many different ways to utilize marijuana that I feel won’t affect athletes in ways some might think. They can use it for pain tolerance or even to help concentrate on things such as the play book or in meetings.

You can vape marijuana, smoke it, eat it, etc. So for the people that say “the smoke wouldn’t be good for the athletes lungs” well you don’t necessarily have to smoke cannabis to get the benefits.

So what if guys in the NFL (who I think have their marijuana policy completely backwards) or even NBA or MLB want to enjoy a pot brownie, does it really matter? These guys are professional athletes and have sacrificed more than some of us could ever understand. So why should it matter? Especially if they can drink alcohol whenever they want. Most guys, especially in the NFL, have been putting their bodies through strenuous workouts from childhood.

Making marijuana “legal” in sports would also keep athletes on the field and cut down the meaningless pointless suspensions that are making games dull during the season. Basically because guys like Pro Bowl Running Back Le’Veon Bell aren’t on the field for their respected teams for just smoking some weed on their off time.

So why can’t they kick back and smoke some weed and relax? Really whats the big deal? They can pump their bodies up with opiates but not put something actually natural in their bodies. That’s straight out of banana land if you ask me.

However some might argue that marijuana could actually be considered a performance enhancing drug.

The certain strains of the plant relaxes people and improves concentration. Would that give pothead players an unfair advantage over sober players? While steroids promote a physical change, marijuana
assists more in creating a calm mental state.

Personally, I don’t see this as cheating especially if its available for anyone to take, just like caffeine and the opiates they are always told to take. So you’re more calm, big whoop. That doesn’t mean you’re now suddenly stronger or can run or play for longer. It just means that you’re chill. There really shouldn’t be a problem with that, right?

Joe Rogan makes a very good point that:

Getting high and working out is one of the least talked about and least appreciated pleasures of fitness. Lifting weights is fun when you’re under the spell, cardio is cool too, but for me, nothing compares to getting really high and hitting the heavy bag.


I strongly believe that marijuana can assist athletes on and off the field. I think it can really help them physically and mentally especially for guys in the NFL. The different strains of the plant can really be put to use in sports over the opiates that are being abused in sports.

How many of you out there are stoner athletes?